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Lifeline Express started its mission of light in 1997 and has been actively involved in the prevention and treatment of blindness and the training of eye doctors in mainland China. 

The work of Lifeline Express has touched the hearts and lives of many people.  We would like to keep these vivid memories.

Hence the idea of an activity Beautiful Pictures with Lifeline Expresscame up.  This will be a one-year activity starting in August 2018.  Anyone who had been involved with the work of Lifeline Express are welcomed to submit their pictures online, to share their memories with Lifeline Express. Please join the “Beautiful Pictures with Lifeline Expressactivity.  Your pictures will be a source of energy for Lifeline Express in its next 20 years.


Please submit your pictures no later than Aug 31, 2019.

Picture requirement :

We are looking for 5 pictures (maximum) from each person. It can be pictures of your experience at the Eye-trains, at the Eye Centers, at the Beijing and Guangzhou conferences, at the fund-raising events or pictures of people whom you knew who were involved in the work of Lifeline Express.

The pictures can be taken with your mobile phone or digital camera, but the picture resolution is required to reach 3,000 pixels for at least one side of the picture.

Please add in a caption or a brief description to each picture and to indicate when and where the picture was taken.


280 beautiful pictures will be selected by a selection panel and the result will be announced in September, 2019. The decision of the selection panel will be final.

All selected pictures will be published on Lifeline Express official website, WeChat, WeiBo and some public medias. Some pictures will be included in Lifeline Express Beautiful Pictures album.


First Prize: 30 pictures, each author will receive a trophy and a certificate.

Second Prize: 50 pictures, each author will receive a certificate.

Third Prize: 100 pictures, each author will receive a certificate.

Honourable mention: 100 pictures, each author will receive a certificate.

All participants will receive a copy of the Lifeline Express Beautiful Pictures album.

 (Please note that the copyright of the selected pictures will be owned by both the author and Lifeline Express.)


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